Niroshkor is a management consulting company specialising in enterprise resource planning (ERP) for clients in manufacturing, distribution, services, and banking.We have seen a gap in the market where medium sized players are deprived of access to affordable and professional management consultants.  COVID-19 is the new catalyst driving change.  Companies will require solutions to offset declining revenues to remain relevant.  Medium-sized companies with smaller balance sheets will risk failure more than their larger corporate counterparts.

Our passion is to help clients improve productivity, drive value creation, and become the new winners of tomorrow.    Our firm has chosen ERP as the reference point for management consulting activities. We believe that ERP is the cornerstone for all enterprises.  It is the central nervous system that can be used to diagnose operating and performance issues within organisations. We focus on process, projects, and placements across the value chain of procurement, manufacturing, distribution, and finance.  Our previous clients are small, medium-sized, and multinational companies.  

The company is headquartered in Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa.  We operate a lean business model with access to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) industry specialists in process, project management, talent acquisition, ERP, software sales and implementation. Our obsession with quality gives us the ability to evolve client requirements with agility.  Our perpetual commitment to digitisation and process excellence gives purpose to our existence - it is the fuel that ignite our creativity.   Our approach to consulting adheres to internationally recognised standards and proven methodologies.  We collaborate closely with our clients (B2C) and business partners (B2B) to engineer custom-made solutions for unique business challenges.


We partner with institutions who consult to and invest in portfolio companies:

Investment companies, PE and VC fund managers looking to partner with empowered management consulting firms, to enhance profile during capital raising efforts with institutional investors.

Struggling companies within PE and institutional investment portfolios.  These include DFIs and pension funds.

DFIs and international NGOs looking for strong project development expertise.

Consulting firms looking to ERP expertise to complement their offering for clients.

BUSINESS TO customer

We deal directly with companies:

Direct consulting to mid-sized and listed companies that require ERP systems.

Companies responding to compliance requirements for their business processes.

Word of mouth and leads generated through our existing ERP community.


Companies that embark on corporate activity (mergers, acquisitions, listings, and de-listings).

operating environments

We are specialised and certified ERP consultants with expertise in various engineering environments:

Make-to-stock (MTS)

Make-to-order (MTO)

Assemble-to-order (ATO)

Engineer-to-order (ETO)


Our vision is to become a specialised management consulting partner of choice. Our strategy can be articulated in one word: Differentiation.  We are contrarians at heart.  This makes us unique, moving closer to our vision each day.

We compete on merit and the diversity of our combined skills.

We only do business if we believe we can exceed client expectations.

We do not accept new mandates unless these are within our expertise. 

Our consultants have strong academics and are certified professionals in industry standards. 

We see our client relationships as symbiotic.  Our growth must be mutually beneficial.

industry sectors

We partner with companies and consultants who complement our skills in strategic focus sectors: 

Packaging, Plastics and Rubber, Chemicals and Fertilizers.

Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Furniture and Fittings, Computer and Electronics.

Automotive Parts and Accessories, Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Metal Fabrication.

Medical Device, Pharmaceutical.

Services, Finance and Banking.

value streams

Niroshkor uses a proprietary architecture to model and analyse industrial value streams:

Manufacturing and distribution solutions


Requirements and procurement

Planning and production

Storage and distribution

Client acquisition and service


Financial solutions


General ledger

Asset acquisition, maintenance, and disposal

Working capital management

Reporting and business intelligence (BI)



We target market segments where there is a deficit of empowered management consulting firms.









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